COMM 346 Photojournalism Final Project

For this assignment, I worked with four other student photojournalists to capture the essence of St. Cloud State University as a place. For my portion of the group work, I took the photos in the gallery above. These were photos that I had taken of the Halloween Spooktacular event at Stewart Hall, with many of them being ones I did not use for my previous assignment covering the event. Since all team members were instructed to go to an event and document, this was the event I was responsible for.

Besides the photojournalism responsibility, I was also responsible for the writing portion of our group work. In the assignment, each team had to compile a written story that told the story of what we did as a team, and what we learned. Every other team member (including me) was able to write out their own perspective, but it was me who took all of the writing and mashed it all together and edited it so it would be told from one voice, rather than five. I also worked on making sure it held up grammatically and explained the events we attended and how they connected to our assignment.

Finally, as a tidbit, I was also active in our group inbox chat, messaging if I had any questions and making sure everything was resolved.

List of duties: 

-Halloween Spooktacular event on Thursday, October 25, 2018

-Compiling 10 photos as my photo contribution to assignment (not all of these made the final gallery)

-Writing rough and final draft of Written Story

-Editing rough and final draft of Written Story

Gear list:

The camera I used for taking the Spooktacular photos was the Nikon DSLR D7100 that I rented from the Mass Communications equipment booth in Stewart Hall. This time, I was not in charge of editing my own photos. I edited the written story in Google Docs, before approving tracking changes in Microsoft 2018 on a standard St. Cloud State computer lab Mac, an IMac 27-inch with retina 5k.

Here’s a link to the group project on Husky Media:

Our team was called Team Place, and our job was to take pictures and create a story based around locations. In honor of the 150th anniversary of St. Cloud State University, we tried to find a topic that would be related. In the end, we chose St. Cloud State University during the month of October, which featured Homecoming week and Halloween. These events were able to show off the energy and enthusiasm in the midst of great change.


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